Becky, Bill and Casey Clay Wade

Bill Wade lost his brave battle with cancer in 2001. We will never forget his
intelligence, kindness and sense of humor,and join his wife Becky in mourning his loss.
We are privileged to have bred Casey Clay, who never left Bill's side throughout his illness
and who is now of great comfort to Becky.
Casey Clay wrote the following verse in happier times:

Ode To A Corgi

I'm Casey Clay Wade
And I'm a very fine dog
I'm a very fine dog indeed
If you please
I like cheese
And I run
Because it's fun
I like to bite
With all my might
My Mommy screams with sheer delight
They say I'm born to herd
Oh, that's absurd
Once I went to a farm
There were big emus and I think they could do harm
I didn't know birds could be bigger than me
I haven't seen anything like that, not even on t.v.
My Daddy held me and let me sniff a horse
Much to his remorse
It frightened me so I made a poopie
Right on Daddy's shoozies
Just the thought of it gives me a chill
I relive it still
I like it here in town
Daddy takes me in the car and we ride around
And if I'm good
He takes me for a walk in our neighborhood
When we walk I try to spread my tinkle around
By other dogs it's sure to be found
When Daddy was home getting well from surgery
He says I was such good therapy
Now he goes to Houston to get his vaccine
While he's there he stops by Petco and buys me something really keen
If it's a nice night
Mommy takes me on the back porch for a bowl of ice
Sometimes we visit Meemaw, and her dogs get in such a panic
They cling to Pawpaw like they're on the sinking Titanic
I wish they could remember when they were young
Meemaw says they used to like to run around and have fun
I like to go to my Auntie Joanie's
Her place is oh so homey
When I'm there I get to play with cousin Keko
He is a Pomeranian and oh so neato
We like to play the same games
I must admit we don't act very tame
We love to play chase
Boy, have we got that one aced
I bite him on the neck
And he just barks "oh what the heck"
(Unfortunately that makes his neck fur very wet)
Sometimes he stands and boxes like a kangaroo
And I just say "look I sit on you"
We like to chew our rawhide chewies
Until they are nice and gooey
Just look at me I'm living the life of Riley
That's why I'm always so smiley
I just lay on my back and let Daddy rub my tummy
We've become so chummy
I'm Casey Clay Wade The Greatest Dog Of All Time
And Mommy and Daddy are so glad they say "he's mine all mine"
They think I was an angel flying too close to the ground
And they don't treat me as if I was just a hound
I think I'm pretty lucky
Because when they went looking for a puppy
I'm the one they found!!!